Cheap furniture or feel-good design?

28.07.2018 16:38

Two trends in the labor market have been massively changing our society for years. On the one hand, it is the high demands on workers in terms of flexibility and mobility that make them temporary nomads. Either they often have to move or commute between work and residence for a certain amount of time.

On the other hand, because of the tangible shortage of skilled workers, employers are forced to offer applicants additional company or location advantages, such as company flats in which they can temporarily or permanently stay.

The market for furnished small apartments has therefore grown massively for years. The target group for so-called micro-livings has long since expanded from students to commuters, managers, engineers, trainees and singles.

We have decided with our Kauferinger project for the target group of people who would like to experience a pleasant well-being in temporary living. Sleep well, cook and enjoy the comfort of a tastefully furnished apartment are the building blocks of this modern lifestyles' emotional core competence.

Investors appreciate good returns, but the most important thing in the whole "chain" is the tenant, which makes the return possible. Each tenant is happy to pay for sustainable quality and excellent equipment to pay a reasonable rent, because he also saves the cost of pensions, hotels or the establishment of an apartment.

There are many Micro-Livings, which are very Spartan furnished and in which on top of that in the bathroom a mildew smell in the air. Such projects were saved at the wrong end. The design, the furnishings and a modern technology are the alpha and omega for long-lasting quality and sustainable rental.

With our claim to an all-in feel-good quality, we close a "regional" market gap and lay the foundation for us to meet the social changes appropriately.

Landsberg Monthly Edition August 2018


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