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Landsberg am Lech/Kaufering is the location for furnished small apartments. The need is huge; Companies, managers, young executives, singles, commuters, students, Young Professionals, apprentices, young people with a first home, just to name a few. They all seek affordable housing in a good location with excellent facilities and AAA traffic connections.

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Through years of experience in the micro-living segment, we have decided to develop a special and above all modern living concept together with architecture psychologist Klaus Kopp and our team of architects. The aim was to create different room zones in an apartment.

With flexible furniture, you can convert the apartment in a few simple steps and form various rooms such as cooking / eating, working in the home office, living and sleeping. With adjustable LED technology you create the perfect lighting mood. The furnishing is a coherent, aesthetically beautiful concept, which in this form can certainly be called a new development.

Tenants should be happy to move in and leave again with a sad feeling when the average stay of about 2 years is over. Our goal from the beginning was that tenants like to think of their time in our facility many years after moving out.

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Overview | Adress map

Macro Position

Kaufering with approx. 10,000 inhabitants is a market in the Upper Bavarian district of Landsberg am Lech and is located about five kilometers north of this large county town and is located approx. 60 km west of the state capital Munich, or approx. 35 km south of Augsburg, in the foothills of the Alps between Munich, Ammersee and Allgäu.

Kaufering is located in the catchment area of the state capital of Munich and has a high quality of living, attractive environment, cultural and sporting activities. Furthermore, the proximity to Landsberg am Lech, the Ammersee and the Alps is to be classified as advantageous. The historic village center (Altkaufering) is located on the eastern shore of the Lech, the settlement (Neukaufering) starts from about 500 meters away from the west bank and is located on the old main road 17.

Kaufering has developed into a strong commuter's place of residence because of the good traffic connections to Munich and Augsburg. The market town is well connected to the national transport network by the motorway junctions (motorway A 96 Lindau - Munich) and the federal highway B17 (Augsburg-Füssen).

Train connections exist in Kaufering with the regional train station in the direction of Munich, Augsburg, Landsberg and Weilheim. Furthermore, Kaufering has a well-developed bus network. The nearest S-Bahn station is in Geltendorf in about 14 km east.

  • excellent individual transport connection through the nearby driveway to the A 96 Munich / Memmingen / Switzerland or B 17 Augsburg / Füssen / Austria
  • the actual "main station" of Landsberg am Lech is the station Kaufering
  • the train goes to Munich in about half an hour
  • fastest connection to main station Munich 35 min
  • thus advantage over. various S-Bahn-places in the bacon belt of Munich
  • altogether ideal location for commuters with at the same time affordable housing

The population development of the district of Landsberg am Lech has been positive since the mid-1990s. According to various forecasts, it is assumed that a steadily rising trend will continue to be expected (well above average in Germany).

The unemployment rate (relative to all civilian labor force) is in the long-term comparison below the national average of Bavaria and significantly lower than the national average.

The average monthly industrial income in the district of Landsberg am Lech is in the long-term comparison in the range of the national average of Bavaria and well above the national average.

The purchasing power index (GfK) per inhabitant is also well above the national average, as well as in the upper region of the region.

Overall, the macro location and the future forecast for the residential property location Kaufering are to be assessed very well.

Micro Position

Kaufering is the central lynchpin in the large district of Landsberg am Lech. Here, both the main train and motorway connections intersect. With only 35 minutes by train to the main station to Munich and Augsburg Kaufering grew up to the coveted commuter location. The connection to the historic city center Landsberg am Lech takes only 6 minutes by train and with another 4-5 minutes by foot you are in the middle of the historic old town. By car, the respective motorway junctions of the A96 in the direction of Mindelheim / Memmingen, Munich and the B17 gen Augsburg can be reached in just 3-4 minutes.

Living in the natural district, which belongs to the metropolitan region of Munich and the high recreational value of the nearby 5-Lakes country and the ingenious connection make this unique location advantage.

The property is located in Neukaufering in the immediate vicinity (1 min) to the regional train station. Despite the proximity to the tracks (immission pollution), the environment of single and multi-family houses is characterized.

Within Kaufering's commuter base, proximity to the train station is of great importance and is seen as more favorable on the ground (the proximity to the station is highly relevant in terms of marketability and achievable prices). However, the fact that the object is almost immediately (70 m) away from the track body is again fundamentally not optimal. However, very well marketable appear special forms of living such as our Micro-Living Apartments, where the proximity to the station is considered a huge advantage.

Shops for daily needs and public facilities are available in the area (self-service market, secondary school, high school, secondary school, kindergarten, Montessori School etc.) or within walking distance of the center.

Overall, the micro-location of the property can be classified as good to very good according to our usage concept.

Planning | 3D Model | Renderings

Plans Sections and Views (PDF)
Ground Floor | 1st Floor | 2nd Floor - attic | Views | Slice | Underground Car ParcingLand Register Map | Land Register Map with Buildings

Please note that the following renderings and models were created during the planning phase, which makes changes possible.

3D Model via BIMx from Nemetschek
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After that, here's our Model - password: kaufering


Renderings  (without guarantee - different planning phases)


Administration | Tenant Management

The commercial and technical real estate management takes over the ProImmobilia with her Augsburg branch. Here 50 years of experience, especially in the field of micro-living (9,000 units), come together on one point!

In addition, any owner can book as "ad on" the rental management.

Construction Company

The construction company Vilgertshofer Bau GmbH is exactly the type of company that makes our developmental success round and perfect.

We have known and appreciated each other for many years. Anyone who deals with real estate knows that nowadays it is like winning the lottery with the additional number of finding a contractor, where it is not only interpersonal and has the time to build, but also provides a reliable outstanding construction quality.

The company Vilgertshofer gives us a tremendous security to see our claims realized.

Our goal from the beginning was to satisfy both the investor and the user of this beautiful property so much that many years later he has an enthusiastic sparkle in his eyes.

Many Thanks!


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