Track Record Peter Kerler (approx.)

  • 500 apartments (complete service including lease agreement)
  • 45,000 sqm of office space rental (complete service including lease agreement)
  • 1,193 sold Micro-Living Apartments
  • € 250 million in real estate investment

The following references show you a section from the year 2000 until today.
These are advisory mandates and successful object disputes.

VentiDue Kaufering

Aureus Palace Leipzig

Student Living Hamburg

Office Regensburg

Student Living Hannover

Student Living Bremen

Student Living Bremen

Student Living Lübeck

Student Living Amsterdam

Alter Hof Lorenzistock Munich

Alter Hof Pfisterstock Munich

Karlshöfe Munich

Pagodum of Munich

Hotel Bratislava

MFH Munich, Germany

Residential Tower Dubai

Housing portfolio I

Residential Portfolio II

Residential Portfolio III

Residential portfolio IV

Residential Portfolio V

Residential Portfolio VI

Factory Munich

Soho Square London

Office building Zurich

Office building Nierder-Olm

Media-Park Cologne

Office buildings Munich

Römischer Hof Berlin

Shopping Düsseldorf

Residential Portfolio Munich

Oncology Clinic Holland

Hotel Bremerhaven

Office building Vienna

Victoria Street London

Shopping Hannover

Romanshorn Switzerland

Schaffhausen in Switzerland

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