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If one could build a house with mere shouting, a single donkey would have already long built a whole city.   Icelandic proverb

Developer - Everything is possible

Real estate development has always been a special challenge for us, the core of which is to combine important aspects such as location, function, use, and design of buildings into a meaningful and functioning whole. From the outset, a lot of professional competence, market knowledge and experience but also courage, imagination and passion are in demand. Obviously, the bottom line is the achievement of economic objectives. This is the strength of our project development team. We analyze the development potentials of individual objects and real estate portfolios for our customers as well as for ourselves, define goals and implement them consistently. In doing so, we benefit from our efficient, medium-sized organization structure, excellent market knowledge in our target markets and the experience gained from our already successfully implemented projects.

Consulting - basic concept

The Inventus.blue is an ever-evolving company that is designed for the international as well as national market. We design holistic solutions in the areas of mediation, development, investment and marketing of real estate.

In a market and property review, we establish the right connections between structural and economic factors, analyzes and measures, international networking and regional detailed knowledge - and not least between our customers; especially domestic real estate owners and national and international investors.

Our success is based on synergy effects between the business divisions, the principle of direct communication as well as extraordinary ideas and an enthusiastic team.

Media - Innovation

In the media sector, we developed a completely new real estate magazine in 2002. The idea was to present high-quality commercial real estate, to provide the reader with the latest information and simply to would like more of it. The founding period was intense and extremely educational, an adventure that required everything from us. Today, we are all looking forward to the results and benefits for our readers & subscribers and last but not least for us.

At this point, I would like to give thanks once again our foundation team, but especially thank Bernd Eger, who has made DEAL-Magazine what it is today in his eager and passionate daily work.

Company - Philosophy

A demanding and encouraging corporate culture provides a constant incentive to find new solutions. A high degree of know-how and a willingness to perform ensure a high-quality implementation. Our team is characterized by the combination of creativity, experience and entrepreneurial thinking. These principles are the foundation of our work politics and ethics, from which Inventus.blue draws the power to provide exceptional services and ideas in the field of real estate.

Quality of which our customers - be it buyers or sellers, funds or investors - benefit in any case. In the end, we ensure a win-win situation, in which the expectations of all parties are often exceeded.

A result that leads to customer satisfaction and trust.


Photos: Paul Hiller | Dachauer Straße 143 | 80335 München

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