Sale & Lease Back

The ownership of real estate is still a must in many German companies - it is here, however, very reluctant to separate from the so-called "Tafelsilber". The inventory is usually like the cutlery: it is highly valued, but little used. However, if you compare the perceived values ​​with the concrete market values, you will quickly conclude that a sale can be worthwhile:

Through a sale & leaseback model, the property moves into the company. The owner sells and receives the sale value to 100% in cash. At the same time, he signs a lease with the buyer. The consequences are immediately increased liquidity for the core business, increased profitability of the capital employed and positive effects on the balance sheet. Otherwise, everything remains the same ...

If you are interested in this idea of ​​optimization, we are happy to support you.

We assess your property in terms of construction engineering and design, support you with an individual approach to value creation, establish contact with well-known investors and support sales management. For you, this means a financial improvement without spatial change, with new entrepreneurial gimmicks.

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