Peter Kerler is the visionary head behind the projects, whose creative ideas inspire the entire team. He has been self-employed since 1987 and has accumulated decades of experience in sales as well as in the development of real estate. In 2002, he founded his successful DEAL Magazine, which gives him a deep insight into the real estate market. Through its own project developments, this know-how flows into future-oriented living and working environments.


Heide Groz is the heart of the company. The graduate business owner stands for a perfect structure and a brilliant order in the background. The mother of two sons has the backoffice firmly under control and can not be imagined from the management. Your future-oriented structured thinking enables a "smooth" process of our business processes and guarantees a convincing result.


Klaus Johann Kopp, Dipl.-Ing. Architect, is a pioneer and developer of modern architecture psychology. The methods developed by him are based on the principles of self-perception. The method allows the differentiated classification of properties and locations with regard to the architecture psychological effects on the environment and the users. Mr. Kopp has been working with investors, cities and municipalities, contractors, companies, property developers and architects all over Europe since 1992. Most recently, with the office of Daniel Libeskind regarding his first residential building "Sapphire" in Berlin. He is a guest lecturer at Alanus College.


Jürgen Schnülle founded the BSB Baubetreuung and Bauträger GmbH in Bremen in 1990 with his business partner Gerd Bostelmann. Not only did he build housing and senior citizens' housing, he also developed university housing for institutional investors in good university locations, especially before the "Micro-Living" asset class was introduced into their purchase profiles. With his many years of experience and the very successful cooperation with us, Mr Schnülle is a project consultant for in the area of project development.

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